In Memory

Mike Cadd

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04/25/18 10:32 PM #1    

Jason Wallach (Barney Goldstein)

In the summer after high school I spent a few months hitchhiking with Mike Cadd around the United States and down into Mexico. We had reached the border with Mexico and Texas and we were heading down to Mexico City. Once across the border, we got a ride with kind of crazy Canadian in a white Corvair. As we headed south the driver rushed through the Mexican Police border check. I remember looking back and seeing their shaking fists at us. They did not pursue.  One of my favorite memories with Mike on that trip occurred in the middle of the night on the high plateau strip of a winding and twisting road near Mexico City.  Mike had fallen asleep in the middle seat but I kept myself awake.  The driver was taking the road pretty fast and at one point he momentarily lost control of the car and it skidded for a bit. This woke Mike up and as we sat in that tense silence he told the driver “wow, you handled that really well.” That broke the tension and the driver was more attentive after that.  In Guadalajara, we had found some new friends who took us in and as I was preparing to head back home and start college, Mike stayed on for a while and helped with an anthropological trip near Oaxaca.

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